Guidelines for Buying Shoes Online: 10 Useful Tips

Guidelines for Buying Shoes Online: 10 Useful Tips

There’s no need to change your fully packed schedule to make that trip to the store for your new purchase. Cheap branded shoes for men and cheap branded shoes for women in a wide variety of styles are available in your favorite ecommerce store with delivery in a couple of days.  In some areas, you may even select same day delivery and receive your online order within hours.  

Buying shoes online is fun and convenient but can result in a lot of returns for sizing problems.  It is important to understand how to select the correct shoe size. We want to make your order for online shoes to be hassle-free by sharing 10 Useful Tips for Buying Shoes Online.

Tip# 1 If the Shoe Fits

Make sure you know your shoe size. The best time to measure your feet is during late afternoons, near evening. Our feet tend to expand during that time. Your shoe size should never be a size smaller or a size bigger than your actual foot size. Take measurements with socks on if you need to wear socks on the shoes, like sneakers, that you will be buying. 

To measure your feet, trace it on a piece of paper.  Measure the length of your feet’s outline on the paper  in centimeters from the longest toe to the heel, then compare it to the size chart for your brand.  When taking foot measurements, you also need to consider if your work requires you to be on your feet most of the time; are you pregnant or was there any injury or illness that may cause your feet to swell? It is also possible that one foot may be bigger than the other, so always go for the bigger foot’s size. 

Tip #2  Measure both feet

Your left foot and right foot may not be the same size.  Measure both feet and choose the size of the larger foot.

Tip #3 Use Conversion Charts

Check out a Shoe Size conversion chart to capture the right shoe size for you. There are different measurement standards for most countries. There can be differences between Women’s shoe sizes and  Men’s shoe sizes between countries. Some brands may also have their own Shoe Size chart.

Tip #4  Keep all packaging materials and try on your shoes indoors

When your shoes arrive, keep all the original boxes and packaging.  Try on both sides of your shoes indoors to avoid damage. Walk back and forth in them on a soft surface such as carpet or rug to see how they feel.

Tip #5 Function Over Style

Even if it looks that good, will that shoe serve the purpose you need. If you plan on taking a hike, regular flat shoes will not do you any good. The functionality of the shoe is important. If you are buying sneakers to participate in a half marathon, it should be a half size bigger.

Tip #6 Material Matters

Read the product details to be sure that the material is appropriate for the intended use of the shoes. If you’re looking for running shoes, buying something made out of suede should make you think twice.

Tip #7 Your shoe size changes with age, weight and activity
Do not assume that your foot is the same size as it was one year ago.  The size of our feet change with age. It may swell as we walk or run and with significant change in weight.  It is therefore a good idea to measure your feet every 6 to 12 months.

Tip #8 Branded Shoes

Selecting brands you already own will help select the correct size. It is often cheaper to buy your shoes online. There is also a larger variety of shoes online.  Use your local store to get familiar with how different styles fit for different brands. Get to know which size to choose from for each style of your favorite brands We suggest getting quality branded shoes.

Tip #9 Price Is Right
If you are not familiar with the brand or store, get the cheap shoes first. Think of it as a Trial Purchase, and if all is well, save that store on your Favorites tab.

Tip #10 Read reviews details about the shoes
Online stores will sometimes 

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